Marwin and The Evolution Stone Achievement List

Welcome to the jungle! Welcome to the jungle!
Complete the tutorial
No turning back! No turning back!
Complete “Flyland”
Man in the middle! Man in the middle!
Complete “Snowland”
Where is my epilator? Where is my epilator?
Complete “Factoryland”
Hello Handsome! Hello Handsome!
Complete the game
Natural Selection Natural Selection
Sleep with the fishes
Fresh Blood Fresh Blood
Look but don’t touch
Warrior Spirit Warrior Spirit
Don’t give up
Speedy Monkey Speedy Monkey
Finish the game in 2 hours
Castle Crash Castle Crash
You know what to do
Boo! Boo!
Don’t be afraid
Arachnophobia Arachnophobia
Count the legs
Went High Went High
Don’t look down
Rockstar Rockstar
Crush the stage
Child's Play [Survival Mode] Child’s Play [Survival Mode]
Survive for 30 seconds
Angry Monkey [Survival Mode] Angry Monkey [Survival Mode]
Survive for 60 seconds
Aggressive Hominidae [Survival Mode] Aggressive Hominidae [Survival Mode]
Survive for 120 seconds
Tough Guy [Survival Mode] Tough Guy [Survival Mode]
Survive for 240 seconds
The Survivalist [Survival Mode] The Survivalist [Survival Mode]
Survive for 480 seconds
Hidden Achievement
Mouse Breaker Mouse Breaker
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