Mars 2030 Achievement List

Lift Off Lift Off
Survive a launch failure
Dodger Dodger
Survive a large asteroid field
Half Way There Half Way There
Make it half way to Mars
Orbit Mars Orbit Mars
Orbit the planet Mars
Mars 2030 Mars 2030
Plant a flag on the surface of Mars
Starbase Warlord Starbase Warlord
Reach level 30 of Starbase Mars
Amoebic Dysentery Amoebic Dysentery
A little something you ate
Space Madness Space Madness
Too far from Earth
Breathless Breathless
Space will take your breath away
Moon Shiner Moon Shiner
Cosmic Delivery
Ratmazing Ratmazing
No where to run to
Green Thumb Green Thumb
Space salad for one
Second Place Second Place
Close only counts in horseshoes
Swan Song Swan Song
They never knew what hit them
Jupiter Rising Jupiter Rising
Probe with a view