Marble Muse Achievement List

Thinking Outside of the Box Thinking Outside of the Box
Found the hidden chamber
Proof of Concept Complete Proof of Concept Complete
Completed all proof of concept levels.
Prototype Complete Prototype Complete
Completed all prototype levels.
Product Complete Product Complete
Completed all product levels.
All Gold All Gold
Received a gold medal on all levels.
All Platinum All Platinum
Received a platinum medal on all levels in challenge mode.
Found the Lost Marbles Found the Lost Marbles
Found the hidden marble in all levels.
All Red Stars All Red Stars
Found all the red stars in all levels.
One-hundred Percent One-hundred Percent
One-hundred percent the game. Check your progress in the credits.
Rage Quit! Rage Quit!
Quitting in frustration is such sweet sorrow when you receive an achievement for it.