Marble Mountain Achievement List

The Last, last crusade The Last, last crusade
Find the resting place of Mr Jones
Blade Runner Blade Runner
Completed ‘Graveyard Depths’ without slowing down the blades
Balls to the Wall Balls to the Wall
Make it across the Trap Door Puzzle in under 7 seconds in ‘It Burns’
Great Balls of Fire Great Balls of Fire
Achieve Max Speed
Skull and Balls Skull and Balls
Cause 50 evil skulls to fall to their death
We all fall down We all fall down
Fall at least 10 kilometres over any number of playthroughs
Shortcut! Shortcut!
Finish ‘Loot the Temple’ the quick way.
Winner Winner
Finish the game
King of the Mountain! King of the Mountain!
Finished all Levels with Gold Banner
Marble Madness Marble Madness
Complete all levels in under 80 minutes
Flawless Victory Flawless Victory
Finish all Levels without dying
High Diver High Diver
Launch from the treetop