Maraiyum: Rise of the Setting Sun Achievement List

Secure on the Throne Secure on the Throne
Make it to week 52 without dying
Harder Than it Looks Harder Than it Looks
Die 4 different ways
Multidimensional Incompetence Multidimensional Incompetence
Die 7 different ways as Vick AND Vickie
Full Wardrobe Full Wardrobe
Unlock all costumes in the Game
A Natural Diplomat A Natural Diplomat
Convince Prabu to end a military campaign
Radiance and Beauty Radiance and Beauty
Become the leader of the Umlilo Faith
Mistake Averted Mistake Averted
Convince Seni to abandon his plans
Almost Perfect Almost Perfect
Maximize 3/4 of your skill sets
Sleepruler Sleepruler
Make it to week 52 without really waking up
Steam Age Steam Age
Bring Maraiyum into the Steam Age
Eureka! Eureka!
Usher in the Enlightenment
Imperishable General Imperishable General
Keep Prabu alive until week 52
A Maraiyan Lake A Maraiyan Lake
Reformulate the old Empire
It Still Counts! It Still Counts!
Get saved from yourself at the last possible moment
Always Second Chances? Always Second Chances?
Survive a costly mistake
Green Miracle Green Miracle
Create a new oasis in the Desert
Fancy Paperweight Fancy Paperweight
Avoid an incident over a statue
So Cliché So Cliché
Show off your beauty contestant chops to a wisp
Homebody Homebody
Manage the Empire without ever leaving home
Bartuna II Bartuna II
Trump your predecessor’s reputation for brutality
The Great Reconciliator The Great Reconciliator
Use the gift of gab to resolve numerous disputes
Deadly Wanderlust Deadly Wanderlust
Survive an early encounter with the Mullai
Back in the Saddle Back in the Saddle
Bounce back from a major defeat abroad
The Triple Cross The Triple Cross
Successfully defend your decision to take out a prominent foe