Manyland Achievement List

Creator Creator
Save a creation
Settler Settler
Create an area thumb
Builder Builder
Fill-build by placing the corners of a rectangle in clockwise order starting at the top
Cloner Cloner
Clone a creation by someone else and save it
Performer Performer
Play C major using associated keyboard shortcuts
Friender Friender
Open friend list which contains a friend
Scripter Scripter
Save an Interacting that checks if someone jumps
Changer Changer
Change your body
Writer Writer
Save a Writable comment or thread
Mounter Mounter
Create a flying mountable with color trail
Booster Booster
Use the move backwards boost
Colorer Colorer
Switch to the alternative color picker
Recoverer Recoverer
Search for In Bin
Eater Eater
Consume a hot edible
Catcher Catcher
Catch item from item thrower
Filler Filler
Place a fill light
Motioner Motioner
Attach a motion to the body
Mingler Mingler
Sit down in a created area with 20 or more people around
Organizer Organizer
Place something in a snap to grid holder
Returner Returner
Set up a home location using snapshots and transport to it