Man in a Maze: Deathmatch Achievement List

Hedge Complete Hedge Complete
Faced down DoneBots, Plasma Turrets and SeekerBots. Learnt the finer points of throwing explosive projectiles.
Urban Complete Urban Complete
On the mean streets of the urban maze, continued to show great resilience in the face of even deadlier hazards.
Medieval Complete Medieval Complete
In ye-olde maze, overcame new dangers including electrified floors, Mobile AttackBots and more.
Tech Complete Tech Complete
The deadliest denizens of the maze were overcome to win some of the greatest prizes Man in a Maze has to offer.
Frenzy Frenzy
Extracted sweet, sweet revenge on the mechanical denizens of the maze.
Time Time
Completed every section of the maze under par-time.
Prizes Prizes
Faced certain death countless times to win every prize available in Man in a Maze.
Upgrades Upgrades
Purchased every upgrade in the Man in a Maze shop. Oh yes.