Magnetta Achievement List

Chemical Plant! Chemical Plant!
Beat the Chemical Plant stage
Magnetic Lab! Magnetic Lab!
Beat the Magnetic Lab stage
Swamp Station! Swamp Station!
Beat the Swamp Station stage
Robot Factory! Robot Factory!
Beat the Robot Factory stage
Metal Mines! Metal Mines!
Beat the Metal Mines stage
Launch Complex! Launch Complex!
Beat the Launch Complex stage
Holographic Facility! Holographic Facility!
Beat the Holographic Facility stage
Teleportal Testing! Teleportal Testing!
Beat the Teleportal Testing stage
Sunken Junk Sunken Junk
Defeat Jetso
End of Aether End of Aether
Beat the game
Robot Rush Robot Rush
Beat the game in Speed run mode
1 CC'd 1 CC’d
Beat the game without getting a Game Over
Short Circuit Short Circuit
Collect a circuit
Full Circuit Full Circuit
Collect all circuits
Like a Ghost! Like a Ghost!
Beat a stage without taking damage
Dye Hard Dye Hard
Change your hair color
Crush 'Em All Crush ‘Em All
Destroy every enemy type
Old School Old School
Defeat 400 Enemies with the Arm Cannon
Miss Driller Miss Driller
Defeat 25 Enemies with the Power Drill
On the Pulse On the Pulse
Defeat 25 Enemies with the Magnetic Pulse
Iron Fist Iron Fist
Defeat 25 Enemies with the Robo Grapple
Woman Seeking Robot Woman Seeking Robot
Defeat 25 Enemies with the Seekor Shot
Gum Up the Works Gum Up the Works
Slime 25 Enemies with Swamp Slime
Meltdown Meltdown
Kill 5 enemies while standing on a chemical platform
Jam It Out! Jam It Out!
Access the Soundtest
Don't Blow It! Don’t Blow It!
Beat a Glitch stage
Don't Stop For Nothin' Don’t Stop For Nothin’
Speed run the game in under 1:15:00
Out of Nowhere Out of Nowhere
Blast an enemy through a Teleportal
Cleaning Kit Cleaning Kit
Beat all Glitch stages and rescue RENOVA
No Sweat! No Sweat!
Beat a Challenge in Challenge Mode
End of Aether (Easy) End of Aether (Easy)
Beat the game in easy mode