Magical Battle Festa Achievement List

Magical Girl: Birth of a Star! Magical Girl: Birth of a Star!
Play Story Mode for the first time.
True Strength. True Strength.
Clear all of Ion’s episodes.
A Starry Memento A Starry Memento
Clear all of Kirio’s episodes.
Samurai Standoff Samurai Standoff
Clear all of Aoi’s episodes.
Daddy Issues Daddy Issues
Clear all of Leafa’s episodes.
A Sister's Resolve A Sister’s Resolve
Clear all of Raiga’s episodes.
An Emotional Ensemble An Emotional Ensemble
Clear all of Kyouichi’s episodes.
An Android's Friendship An Android’s Friendship
Clear all of IkS=Piari’s episodes.
I I am…me.
Clear all of Lazona’s episodes.
Clear all of Mersa’s episodes.
Toward Future Skies Toward Future Skies
Clear all of Claudio’s episodes.
Father and Daughter Father and Daughter
Clear all of Avain’s episodes.
It's a promise. It’s a promise.
Clear all of Albis’ episodes.
The Future of All The Future of All
Clear all episodes.
Magical Battle Festa Magical Battle Festa
Play the Magical Battle Festa Mode for the first time.
Holy Mage Holy Mage
Earn an S Rank in the Magical Battle Festa Mode.
Survivor Survivor
Earn an S Rank in Survival mode.
The Ice Queen's Smile The Ice Queen’s Smile
Unlock Mersa Gloria as a playable character.
A Heavenly Oath A Heavenly Oath
Unlock Claudio Vecela as a playable character.
Unwavering Heart Unwavering Heart
Unlock Avain Clane as a playable character.
A Specter's Wish A Specter’s Wish
Unlock Albis the Specter as a playable character.
Awakening Awakening
Unlock Corrupt Ion as a playable character.
Limiter Unlocked Limiter Unlocked
Unlock Overdrive Claudio as a playable character.
Formation Master Formation Master
Unlock all possible Formations.
Skill Master Skill Master
Unlock all possible Skills.
Preparing For War Preparing For War
Set up your Character for the first time.
Use The Force! Use The Force!
Complete 50 battles using either Ion or Claudio.
Sword Saint Sword Saint
Complete 50 battles using either Aoi or Kirio.
Sticks of Truth Sticks of Truth
Complete 50 battles using either Leafa or Kyouichi.
Puppet Master Puppet Master
Complete 50 battles using either IkS=Piari or Lazona.
No Loli No Life No Loli No Life
Complete 50 battles using either Raiga or Albis.
No Waifu No Life No Waifu No Life
Complete 50 battles using Mersa.
Macho Man Macho Man
Complete 50 battles using Avain.
Flashbang Melody Flashbang Melody
Successfully stun 20 times using Kyouichi’s sway counter.
Got ya now! Got ya now!
Successfully throw 50 times using Mersa, Avain, or Albis.
Can't Touch This! Can’t Touch This!
Successfully use a sway counter 20 times.
No Thank You No Thank You
Successfully use a Just Guard 10 times.
Back at ya! Back at ya!
Use Force Reject to counter and damage your attacker.
Playin' Catch Playin’ Catch
Successfully use Force Reject 5 times in a row.
Refuse to Lose Refuse to Lose
Successfully win 5 close contests.
Ultimate Finisher Ultimate Finisher
Win 5 battles with an Ultimate Force attack.
Tactical Genius Tactical Genius
Use Formation Change 100 times.
Flexibility Flexibility
Use Formation Change 10 times or more during one battle.
Broken Bonds Broken Bonds
Successfully pull off a Formation Break 5 times or more during one battle.
Oh Crap! Oh Crap!
Suffer 5 or more Formation Breaks during one battle.
Tactical Taunting Tactical Taunting
Use Provoke to recover your Formation Gauge by 1000%
Chain Driver Chain Driver
Use Chain Drive 100 times.
Over Driver Over Driver
Use Overdrive 100 times.
Ultimate Driver Ultimate Driver
Use Ultimate Drive over 100 times.
Initiation Initiation
Clear the Tutorial.
Master of the Montage Master of the Montage
Spend over 30 minutes in the Training Mode.
Image Training Image Training
Play 5 replay videos.
A World Unknown A World Unknown
Connect to a Lobby Server in Network Mode.
First Victory First Victory
Win your first battle in Network Mode.
True Confidence True Confidence
Win 20 battles in Network Mode.
Hope For The Future Hope For The Future
Winn 100 battles in Network Mode.