Mad Bullets Achievement List

Tenderfoot Tenderfoot
Reach level 2!
Bronco Bronco
Reach level 6!
Maverick Maverick
Reach level 12!
Legend Legend
Reach level 20!
Decked Out Decked Out
Purchase all upgrades!
Gunslinger Gunslinger
Shoot all bandits at least once!
Target Practice Target Practice
Shoot all kinds of objects at least once!
Hard Worker Hard Worker
Complete 7 daily goals!
Hired Gun Hired Gun
Complete 30 goals!
Traveller Traveller
Visit all scenes at least once!
Unshakeable Hands Unshakeable Hands
Complete all dangerous areas without losing a badge!
Bullet Fishing Bullet Fishing
Shoot 300 piranhas!
Posters Wanted Posters Wanted
Shoot 1000 most wanted posters!
Ninjas, really? Ninjas, really?
Shoot 150 ninjas!
Bullet Biter Bullet Biter
Shoot 50 bullets right in front of your face!
Muchas Gracias Muchas Gracias
Spend money in the shop!
Showdown Showdown
Shoot 50 enemies in a row before they shoot!
Village Man Village Man
Survive the village without losing any badges!
Sombrero Collector Sombrero Collector
Survive the Mexican area without losing any badges!
Canyon Frenzy Canyon Frenzy
Survive the rocky area without losing any badges!
Hotshot Hotshot
Don’t let enemies escape for 3 minutes!
Undying Endurance Undying Endurance
Fire your gun 1000 times in a single round!
Not Tough Enough Not Tough Enough
Shoot 100 iron bandits!
Untouchable Untouchable
Avoid injuries in the first 5 minutes of a single round!
Marshal Marshal
Shoot 500 bandits!
Mr. Underpants Mr. Underpants
Shoot 75 pieces of underwear!
Flashback Flashback
Return to the village after paying a visit to every scene in a single round.
Gold Harvest Gold Harvest
Shoot 50 sacks in a single round!
Trigger Happy Trigger Happy
Keep earning score for 2 minutes without stopping firing for more than 3 seconds!
Let's Get Dirty Let’s Get Dirty
Shoot 50 bathtubs!
Bad Luck Bad Luck
Die within the first 15 seconds of a single round!