Machinations: Fog of War Achievement List

Killer Killer
Kill for the first time.
Mimicry Mimicry
Create a new disguise.
Silver-Tongued Silver-Tongued
Convince the estate owner to join your cause.
Change of Plans Change of Plans
Take the estate owner hostage.
Deal With a Devil Deal With a Devil
Take a bribe to make a problem go away.
I Perceive a Riot I Perceive a Riot
Help spark a riot.
No-Mentum No-Mentum
See the ringleader disgraced.
A Quick Resolution A Quick Resolution
Bring the docks dispute to a close quickly.
Better to Know Better to Know
Inform Llianis about Gi’s fate.
Justice Is Served Justice Is Served
Bring a killer to justice.
Under Lock and Key Under Lock and Key
Secure the estate owner.
Intercepted Intercepted
Learn an important fact about the negotiators.
Pampered Pampered
Get the owner some nicer treatment.
Recovered Fumble Recovered Fumble
Recover the lost little owner.
Cruel Fate Cruel Fate
See a major character killed off in a flashback.
Vengeance Is Mine Vengeance Is Mine
Avenge your creator’s death.
Constructive Deception Constructive Deception
Join the Artisans Guild.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
Help the Formless Mage in a reconnaissance mission.
If It Keeps on Raining If It Keeps on Raining
Prevent a great disaster.
Turncoat Turncoat
Turn the legislator to your side.
Preserved Honor Preserved Honor
Prevent dishonor from falling on the legislator’s family.
Reversal of Fortune Reversal of Fortune
Agree to join forces with a powerful enemy.
Open Sesame Open Sesame
Open the cache under the cathedral.
Friendly Neighborhood Friendly Neighborhood
Leave the authorities a nicely wrapped package.
Keeper of the Ancient Flame Keeper of the Ancient Flame
Help the keeper with a quest.
Research Assistant Research Assistant
Help the Formless Mage conduct research.
A Kindness A Kindness
Convince the inventor to join you.
Firebreak Firebreak
Take out the sniper.
Firestarter Firestarter
Help the sniper escape.
Victorious Victorious
Help win a battle.
An Ounce of Prevention An Ounce of Prevention
Help stop organized looting.
Supernatural Troubleshooter Supernatural Troubleshooter
Prevent an explosive suicide.
Free From Harm Free From Harm
Save a civilian’s life.
The End The End
Finish the story with a happy ending. (More or less.)
A History of Non-Violence A History of Non-Violence
Complete the story without ever directly taking the life of another.