MacGuffin’s Curse Achievement List

Sneaky Thief Sneaky Thief
Steal the Lupine Twine Amulet from the Museum of Myths and Mysteries.
Fixated Fixated
Really get to know Detective Strump.
Explorer Explorer
Fill in all quick travel locations on your map.
Postal Hassler Postal Hassler
Really scrutinise the apartment’s post box.
Honourary Mayor Honourary Mayor
Inspect the Mayor’s office.
Junkyard Dog Junkyard Dog
Defeat Grim in his lair, deep in the Junkyard.
Sleuth Sleuth
Give Judy enough evidence to get her a great scoop on Alphonse.
Showdown Showdown
Sniff out Alphonse and defeat him once and for all!
Super Sleuth Super Sleuth
Find every possible piece of evidence on Alphonse for Judy.
Obsessive Collector Obsessive Collector
Discover more of Feyre’s picturesque history.
Shop Till You Drop! Shop Till You Drop!
Clean Harvey out.
An Essential Upgrade An Essential Upgrade
Use the Pro Thief Kit to unlock a Secure Door.
The Whole Story The Whole Story
Watch the credits after helping everyone in Feyre.
Get With the Times Get With the Times
Purchase the computer from Harvey and boot it up.
Retro-active Retro-active
Watch the credits with the computer booted up.