Luna: Shattered Hearts: Episode 1 Achievement List

Defeated Chumbo Defeated Chumbo
You have defeated Chumbo
Bombardier Bombardier
You have ignited a CoalSpark
Doom Gate Arrowhead Doom Gate Arrowhead
You have found a Rare Item
Targon Doll Targon Doll
You have found a Rare Item
Chumbo Tooth Chumbo Tooth
You have found a Rare Item
Back From the Dead Back From the Dead
You successfully used love to be revived
Game Completed Game Completed
You have completed Episode 1
Hive Killer Hive Killer
You have beat the Hive Mini-Boss
Apprentice Craftsman Apprentice Craftsman
Level 1 Crafting Unlocked
Journeyman Craftsman Journeyman Craftsman
Level 2 Crafting Unlocked
Master Craftsman Master Craftsman
Level 3 Crafting Unlocked
Shattered Heart Shattered Heart
You have found a Rare Story Item
High Jumper High Jumper
You Jumped High Using Beans
Speedway Speedway
You Ran Fast Using Beans
Naturalist Naturalist
You found all arrowhead types
Gol Master Gol Master
You saved up at least 15000 Gol
Crystalline Heart Crystalline Heart
You have saved your progress
Love Rider Love Rider
You have taken Dez for a ride on a Zodapede