Lumini Achievement List

The Savior The Savior
Complete the game
The Survivor The Survivor
Complete the game in Hard mode
The Offering The Offering
Bring a dead enemy to the Sanctuary
The Musician The Musician
Play the Lumini theme using the note blocks at the Sanctuary
Distracted Distracted
Play with the main menu buttons for 3 minutes
Technically, it's mutation Technically, it’s mutation
Fully evolve all Lumini types
The Pilgrimage The Pilgrimage
Beat the game with a purple Lumini
Happy now? Happy now?
Beat every enemy in the game
The Pacifist The Pacifist
Don’t beat a single enemy
The Hoarder The Hoarder
Collect all energy
Leave no Lumini behind Leave no Lumini behind
Don’t lose a single Lumini
Beat 5 enemies with a bomb
The Art Collector The Art Collector
Unlock all models and concept art in the Extras menu