Love Achievement List

Bouncer Bouncer
Bounce 60 Times
Shorcut Taker Shorcut Taker
Successfully take the Level 3 Shortcut without dying
You only live 999 times.
You only live once.
Game Cleared Game Cleared
Beat the game on Normal or Better
What Are You Doing Up There? What Are You Doing Up There?
Climbed a Machine in India
The Direct Approach The Direct Approach
Take the most efficient path through Level 2 without dying
Not a Drop Not a Drop
Stay clean while making your way through Level 6
The High Road The High Road
Took the higher path on Level 10.
The Low Road The Low Road
Took the lower path on Level 10.
Overly Cautious Overly Cautious
Placed 250 Respawn Points
Slacker Slacker
Get a C Rank or Better
Day Dreamer Day Dreamer
Get a B Rank or Better
Studious Studious
Get an A Rank or Better
Top of the Class Top of the Class
Get an A++ Rank
Gotta Go Fast Gotta Go Fast
Beat the game in Speedrun Mode in under 12 Minutes
Speedster Speedster
Submitted Speedrun Score to the Steam Leaderboards
Without a Scratch Without a Scratch
Beat Level 8 without meeting an untimely demise.
The Secret of the Slow Tube The Secret of the Slow Tube
Find the secret hidden in the depths of the Slow Tube