Louie Cooks Achievement List

Hated by your neighbours Hated by your neighbours
Repelled a microphone-using cutie between 2-3 AM in the morning.
Hidden Achievement
Defeated Cowly Defeated Cowly
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
The Shy One The Shy One
Repelled 100x Shy One
The Polite One The Polite One
Repelled 100x Polite One
The Sleepyhead The Sleepyhead
Repelled 100x Sleepyheads
Woofie Woofie
Repelled 100x Woofies
Combo-Master Combo-Master
Pulled of a 5x-combo-chain
Survival-Master Survival-Master
Survived 3 minutes in the “Quick Game” mode
Save the Ingredients! Save the Ingredients!
Win one mission without loosing an ingredients to the cuties
Treasure Keeper Treasure Keeper
Unlocked all unlockables
Cutie-Champion Cutie-Champion
Repelled 1000x cuties
Colourful Colourful
Played the “Quick Game” mode with all of Louie’s color palettes