LostWinds 2: Winter of the Melodias Achievement List

First Collectable First Collectable
You have found your first collectable object
Collected Everything Collected Everything
You have found all the collectable objects
Full Journal Full Journal
You have found all the pages of the journal
Sonte Awakes Sonte Awakes
You have awoken Sonte
Arrived in the Mountains Arrived in the Mountains
You have arrived in the mountains
Crash Site Crash Site
You have found the crash site
Oloua Village Saved Oloua Village Saved
You have saved the Oloua Village
Found the King Found the King
You have found the King
Season Switch Season Switch
You have been awarded the Season Switch
Cyclone Cyclone
You have obtained the Cyclone ability
Drill Drill
You have obtained the Drill ability
Jumbrella Cape Jumbrella Cape
You have obtained the Jumbrella Cape
Mask Found Mask Found
Riveren has found the mask
The King Returns The King Returns
You have entered the city with the King
Riveren Defeated Riveren Defeated
You have defeated Riveren and saved Melodia