Lost World Zero Achievement List

Rookie Rookie
Kill 10 enemies.
Now We're Talking Now We’re Talking
Kill 100 enemies.
Rebel Rebel
Join the Separated Nation Army.
Connections Connections
Play with 5 or more people.
My Hero My Hero
Kill 10 Spiders.
The Founder The Founder
Start a server.
I'm The Captain Now I’m The Captain Now
Kill a Separated Nation Army Captain.
The Dealer The Dealer
Sell to a merchant.
The Consumer The Consumer
Buy from a merchant.
Woke Up In A New Bugat- Aircraft? Woke Up In A New Bugat- Aircraft?
Purchase an aircraft.
The Tutorial The Tutorial
Play around in the tutorial.
C'mon Man, Peer Pressure! C’mon Man, Peer Pressure!
Shoot someone while high.
Impossible Impossible
You can’t get this achievement.