Lost Lands: The Golden Curse Achievement List

Lightning Lightning
Complete a mini-game in less than a minute.
Clever Clever
Complete 3 mini-games in a row without using a Skip.
Puzzle Lover Puzzle Lover
Complete the main and bonus chapters without skipping any mini-games.
Master of Details Master of Details
Find all the morphing objects.
Sniper Sniper
Find 3 items in 3 seconds in a Hidden Objects Puzzle.
Persistent Persistent
Complete the main and bonus stories without using a hint in the Hidden Objects Puzzles.
Thorough Thorough
Complete a Hidden Objects Puzzle without making additional clicks.
Collector Collector
Statuette collection assembled.
Historian Historian
Collected all pages from the Lost Lands book.
Careful Careful
Collected all Susan’s lost things.
Architect Architect
Assembled the tower of Hanoi at the Underground Lake in less than 3 minutes.
Erudite Erudite
Completed the mini-game with the tiles in the market without any extra clicks.
Expert Expert
Complete the main story on the Hard difficulty level.
Story Lover Story Lover
Complete the main and bonus stories without skipping dialogues and cutscenes.
Diligent Diligent
Complete a mini-game in more than 5 minutes.
Skilled Skilled
Completed the mini-game with light rays in the Relic Repository in less than 7 clicks.
Engineer Engineer
Completed the ball mini-game in the Druid Village.
Virtuoso Virtuoso
Completed the mini-game with associations at the cross-roads in less than 70 turns of the knobs.
Cunning Cunning
Tricked the Harpy.
Guardian of Light Guardian of Light
Complete the main and bonus stories without using a hint.
Supersonic Supersonic
Complete a Hidden Objects Puzzle in less than 2 minutes.
Thrifty Thrifty
Collected all pairs at the Arena in less than 26 clicks.