Lost Lands: Mahjong Achievement List

Examiner Examiner
Locations examined
Unlucky Unlucky
Time for mahjong expired!
Explorer Explorer
Unlocked locations
Trader Trader
Items purchased
Fan of Chests Fan of Chests
Chests opened
Rich Man Rich Man
Coins spent
Oligarch Oligarch
Crystals spent
Persistent Persistent
Energizers purchased
Shaman Shaman
Amulets used
Master Master
Tools used
Experienced Experienced
Quests completed
Hero Hero
Achievements won
Collector Collector
Collections gathered
Chronicler Chronicler
Level reached
Firm Firm
Increased max energy up to
Athlete Athlete
Energy used
Whistler Whistler
Interactions with darkwings
Master of Fire Master of Fire
Interactions with predacious satyrs
Spear Master Spear Master
Interactions with redeyes
Serpent Whisperer Serpent Whisperer
Interactions with falagars
Sword Master Sword Master
Interactions with cave kobolds
Tamer Tamer
Interactions with meatnaggers
Catcher Catcher
Interactions with buzzing deaths
Fearless Fearless
Interactions with ratlings
Strong Man Strong Man
Interactions with undead
Warrior of Smoke Warrior of Smoke
Interactions with spiderlikes
Stone Crusher Stone Crusher
Interactions with fiery golems
Bow Master Bow Master
Interactions with warrior shadows
Dexterous Dexterous
Interactions with limping dragons
Light Bearer Light Bearer
Interactions with dark heralds
Bird Master Bird Master
Interactions with snakelizards
Forrester Forrester
Investigated location: Forest Cabin
Fisherman Fisherman
Investigated location: Fisherman’s Hut
Local Fellow Local Fellow
Investigated location: Old Town
Mason Mason
Investigated location: Stone Quarry
Farmer Farmer
Investigated location: Farm
Animal Lover Animal Lover
Investigated location: Menagerie
Apprentice Apprentice
Investigated location: Forge
Soldier Soldier
Investigated location: Stronghold
Rock Climber Rock Climber
Investigated location: Dwarf Caverns
Sea Dog Sea Dog
Investigated location: Ships Graveyard
Guide Guide
Investigated location: Bog
Floater Floater
Investigated location: Floating Isles
Diver Diver
Investigated location: Sunken City
Lilliputian Lilliputian
Investigated location: Fairy Glade
Mage Apprentice Mage Apprentice
Investigated location: Mage Tower