Lords of the Black Sun Achievement List

Hidden Achievement
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Terrafirma Terrafirma
Colonize your first planet.
Up in arms Up in arms
Declare war on an opponent race.
Warmonger Warmonger
Ënter into a battle in space.
Sweet Victory Sweet Victory
Win your first space battle.
Cuckoo’s Nest Cuckoo’s Nest
Occupy a planet of an opponent race.
Chief Architect Chief Architect
Manufacture your first building.
Launch Party Launch Party
Manufacture your first ship.
Conquistador Conquistador
Win the game by means of a Conquest Victory.
Cleverclogs Cleverclogs
Win the game by means of a Research Victory.
Egghead Egghead
Complete your first research project.
Galactic Bulldozer Galactic Bulldozer
Raze a planet.
Delegate Situation Delegate Situation
Accomplish a succesfully negotiation with an opponent race.
Properganda Properganda
Deliver a speech.
Inspector Gadget Inspector Gadget
Perform a s successful spying mission.