Lord of the Dark Castle Achievement List

Explorer Explorer
Explore 95+ percent of all Normal Levels during a game.
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Collect at least 10,000 gold during a game.
Artifact Collector Artifact Collector
Collect at least 3 items worth at least 1500 gold each during a game.
Wind Runner Wind Runner
Complete the game in less than 3000 turns.
Temple Raider Temple Raider
Visit at least 5 mysterious portal areas during a game.
Skilled Skilled
Get at least 10 skills during a game.
Illusionist Illusionist
Get the following skills during a game: Ghost Vision, See Invisible, Alchemist, Improved Invisibility, Strong Soul
Spell Caster Spell Caster
Cast more than 10 magic spells during a game.
Elementalist Elementalist
Gain 90+ resistance vs Fire, Cold, Disease and Poison during a game.
RoyalArmorer RoyalArmorer
Gain at least 20 protection during a game.
Monster Killer Monster Killer
Kill at least 85 monsters during a game.
Dragon Slayer Dragon Slayer
Kill at least 10 dragons during a game.
Damage Dealer Damage Dealer
Score a 100+ damage hit during a game.
Crusher Crusher
Destroy at least 10 enemy armor pieces during a game.
Life Leech Life Leech
Drain at least 200 Life from enemies during a game.
Assassin Assassin
Get at least 10 instant kills during a game.
Backstabber Backstabber
Score at least 20 critical hits during a game.
Long Fingered Long Fingered
Steal at least 3 items from enemies during a game.
Lock Smith Lock Smith
Pick at least 10 locks during a game.
Silent Shadow Silent Shadow
Complete the game with less than 50 killed monsters.
Lonely Ranger Lonely Ranger
Get the following skills during a game: Scout, Tracker, Bow Master, Lightnint Reflexes, Alertness
Tricky Thief Tricky Thief
Get the following skills during a game: Stinging Poison, Detect Traps, Pick Locks, Steal, Sneak
Mighty Barbarian Mighty Barbarian
Get the following skills during a game: Axe Master, Charge, Giant’s Health, Heavy Hits, Survivor
Heroic Paladin Heroic Paladin
Get the following skills during a game: Shield Bash, Armor Specialist, Stone Skin, Strong Soul, Holy Wrath
Master of Arms Master of Arms
Get the following skills during a game: Bow Master, Axe Master, Sword Master, Staff Master, Shield Bash