Loot Hound Achievement List

One Man's Trash One Man’s Trash
Find 10 common loot items
Uncommonly Good Uncommonly Good
Find 8 uncommon loot items
A Rare Obsession A Rare Obsession
Find 7 rare loot items
A Legend In Your Own Mind A Legend In Your Own Mind
Find 5 legendary loot items
Hoarder Alert Hoarder Alert
Complete 1 loot set
Mountains of Misc Mountains of Misc
Complete 3 loot sets
Wow, Much Hound, So Loot Wow, Much Hound, So Loot
Complete 5 loot sets
Two's Company Two’s Company
Own 2 dogs
Slow Patrol Slow Patrol
Escape the park patrol
New Frontiers New Frontiers
Find a new loot item in Scavenger Hunt mode
Hard Bargain Hard Bargain
Find 7 loot items in rock
Tightly Packed Tightly Packed
Find 7 loot items in enclosed spaces
Move Along Move Along
Find 7 loot items guarded by animals
Needle In A Needle In A
Solve the Buxton Wheat Field mystery
Top Dogs Top Dogs
Maximise a skill for two different dogs
Santa's Little Helper Santa’s Little Helper
Find all Gift loot
Spoilt Rotten Spoilt Rotten
Find all Christmas loot
Ur In My Park Ur In My Park
Pee 4 times in one park day
Kick To Win Kick To Win
Kick up all the snow piles in one park day
I've Seen It All Now I’ve Seen It All Now
Discover every loot item