Loot Hero DX Achievement List

The Woods The Woods
Clear the Woods
The Swamp The Swamp
Clear the Swamp
The Jungle The Jungle
Clear the Jungle
The Dark Forest The Dark Forest
Clear the Dark Forest
The Volcano The Volcano
Clear the Volcano
Shopping Shopping
Buy an upgrade
Full Gear Full Gear
Buy one of each upgrade
Stacked Stacked
Get one upgrade medal
Warrior Warrior
Defeat 100 Enemies
Knight Knight
Defeat 1000 Enemies
Hero Hero
Defeat 10000 Enemies
Overpowered Overpowered
Beat a level in under 15 seconds
Loot Hero Loot Hero
Collect 1000 worth of Loot
Master Looter Master Looter
Collect 100000 worth of Loot
Serious Serious
Reach Level 25
Powerhouse Powerhouse
Reach Level 50
Godlike Godlike
Reach Level 100
Just Starting Just Starting
Slay the Dragon on Difficulty 18
Grinder Grinder
Slay the Dragon on Difficulty 45
Master Grinder Master Grinder
Slay the Dragon on Difficulty 90