LogiGun Achievement List

Remote Electrical Activator Remote Electrical Activator
Got introduced to the ZPR-12
Portable Interactivity Portable Interactivity
Solved floor 1
Targeted Acquisition Tool Targeted Acquisition Tool
Got introduced to the GRP-9
Block Party Block Party
Solved floor 2
Stationary Field Inductor Stationary Field Inductor
Got introduced to the PG-4
Two Great Tastes Two Great Tastes
Solved floor 3
Kinetic Tension Crossbow Kinetic Tension Crossbow
Got introduced to the GCB-5
Trajectory Trajectory
Solved floor 4
Directional Force Generator Directional Force Generator
Got introduced to the PB-6
The Polarity Express The Polarity Express
Solved floor 5
Flash Point Flash Point
Solved floor 6
Flip Flop Flip Flop
Solved floor 8
May Cause Blindness May Cause Blindness
Solved floor 9
Sixty to Zero Sixty to Zero
Solved level 10-1
Orbital Decay Orbital Decay
Solved level 10-2
Hot-Wire Hot-Wire
Solved level 10-3
The End The End
Did what you came to do
I'm the Wiz I’m the Wiz
Solved all levels