LocoCycle Achievement List

The Nicaraguan Getaway The Nicaraguan Getaway
Finished Prologue.
Adios, Mexico Adios, Mexico
Finished El Highway.
Conquered Canyons Conquered Canyons
Finished Hidden Canyons.
The Retirees Are Safe The Retirees Are Safe
Finished Cruisin’ Keys.
No More Snow Patrol No More Snow Patrol
Finished Bi-Polar Offroads.
Scottsburg Defender Scottsburg Defender
Finished Neighborly Farmlands.
Free To Do What We Wanna Do Free To Do What We Wanna Do
Finished Final Level.
Back In Yo Face Back In Yo Face
Countered 50 total enemies.
Tables Have Turned Tables Have Turned
Countered 150 total enemies.
Streaky Goodness Streaky Goodness
Combo streak reached 250.
Champion Streaker Champion Streaker
Combo streak reached 1,000.
Why So Hostile? Why So Hostile?
Blew up 200 civilian cars.
Rubbin', Son, Is Racin' Rubbin’, Son, Is Racin’
Took out a Big Arms car using only melee.
Car Go 'Splode, Just In Time Car Go ‘Splode, Just In Time
Blew up Leaper Agent’s car before he reached you.
Big Oil Never Had a Chance Big Oil Never Had a Chance
Beat a tanker truck sequence in less than 60 seconds.
Pablo Thanks You Pablo Thanks You
Took no damage during a whole level.
All Tricked Out All Tricked Out
Maxed level up on all weapons and abilities.
Big Movie Watchings Big Movie Watchings
Unlocked all film bonus content.
All Game Secrets Revealed All Game Secrets Revealed
Unlocked all game bonus content.
Behind the Scenes Bonus DVD Behind the Scenes Bonus DVD
Unlocked all bonus content.