Livelock Achievement List

Noob Noob
Reach Level 10 with Hex
Amateur Amateur
Reach Level 20 with Hex
Professional Professional
Reach Level 30 with Hex
Pebble Pebble
Reach Level 10 with Vanguard
Cobble Cobble
Reach Level 20 with Vanguard
Boulder Boulder
Reach Level 30 with Vanguard
Spark Spark
Reach Level 10 with Catalyst
Flare Flare
Reach Level 20 with Catalyst
Explosion Explosion
Reach Level 30 with Catalyst
The Dream Team The Dream Team
Reach level 30 with Hex, Catalyst and Vanguard
Hard Hat Area Hard Hat Area
Equip first Helmet
Fashion Killer Fashion Killer
Equip first Cape
Ice Cream Paint Job Ice Cream Paint Job
Equip first Alloy
Fully Kitted Fully Kitted
Have a Helmet, Cape and Alloy equipped at the same time
Script Kiddie Script Kiddie
Decrypt a Data Card
1337 h4x0r 1337 h4x0r
Decrypt a Master Data Card
Anonymous Anonymous
Decrypt all Data Cards
LulzSec LulzSec
Decrypt all Master Data Cards
Scrap Heap Scrap Heap
Destroy 100 enemies
Scrap Yard Scrap Yard
Destroy 1000 enemies
Scrap Mountain Scrap Mountain
Destroy 10000 enemies
Scrapped Scrapped
Destroy 1 Upgraded enemy
Disassembled Disassembled
Destroy 10 Upgraded enemies
Terminated Terminated
Destroy 100 Upgraded enemies
Ashes and Rust Ashes and Rust
Complete ACT 01
The Endless War The Endless War
Complete ACT 02
Breaking the Cycle Breaking the Cycle
Complete ACT 03
Autonomous Autonomous
Complete all missions on Easy
Emergent Emergent
Complete all missions on Medium
Singular Singular
Complete all missions on Hard
Johnny 5 Johnny 5
5 Destruction streak
R2-D20 R2-D20
20 Destruction streak
C-30PO C-30PO
30 Destruction streak
T-100 T-100
100 Destruction streak
Unbreakable Unbreakable
Survive 5 minutes in Survival OP Mission
Indestructible Indestructible
Survive 10 minutes in Survival OP Mission
Transcendent Transcendent
Survive 30 minutes in Survival OP Mission
Re-charted Re-charted
Collect an Audiolog
Tomb Raided Tomb Raided
Collect all Story Audiologs
Hex Gon' Give it to Ya' Hex Gon’ Give it to Ya’
Collect all Hex Audiologs
Echoes of Eternity Echoes of Eternity
Collect all Vanguard Audiologs
Break the Internet Break the Internet
Collect all Catalyst Audiologs
Raiders of the Lost 'Log Raiders of the Lost ‘Log
Collect all Audiologs
Carbon Collector Carbon Collector
Collect 100 Carbon
Carbon Connoisseur Carbon Connoisseur
Collect 500 Carbon
Carbon Cognoscente Carbon Cognoscente
Collect 2500 Carbon
The Few, the Proud The Few, the Proud
Complete a COOP Mission on Singular Difficulty without Reprinting
Just the Few of Us Just the Few of Us
Complete a COOP Mission with 3 players.
Few's Company Few’s Company
Complete a COOP Mission with 3 players using Hex, Catalyst and Vanguard
A Few of the Same A Few of the Same
Complete a COOP Mission with 3 players using 3 of the same class