Link: The Unleashed Nexus Achievement List

The Unleashed One The Unleashed One
Escaped from “The Nexus”. But you’re still in bind.
The Liberator The Liberator
Beat the 1st Nexus.
Close Her Eyes Close Her Eyes
Beat “CS: Observer”.
A Reminiscent Scenery A Reminiscent Scenery
Through “Ocean of the Silence”.
Rising Consciousness Rising Consciousness
Began the R.E.M.
Sunken Truth Sunken Truth
Through the shrine and Reach to top of the “HAVEN”.
Heaven's Linkage Heaven’s Linkage
Through the “HeavensLeash”, and Broke the Alpha Nexus.
The Unleashed Nexus The Unleashed Nexus
Returned from the “HAVEN”. But maybe you’re still in bind.
Urgent Agent Urgent Agent
Used “Urgent Ascent” many times.
Awaking Awaking
Beat 1st Nexus without “Urgent Ascent”.
Rising Rising
Beat 2nd Nexus without “Urgent Ascent”.
Seeking Seeking
Beat 3rd Nexus without “Urgent Ascent”.
Remembrance Remembrance
Beat 4th Nexus without “Urgent Ascent”.
Progressing Progressing
Beat 5th Nexus without “Urgent Ascent”.
Unbound Unbound
Beat Alpha Nexus without “Urgent Ascent”.
Fake Deep Sea Fake Deep Sea
Collect 3 Spheres in 1st stage.
The Observer The Observer
Collect 3 Spheres in 2nd stage.
A Boundary of the World A Boundary of the World
Collect 3 Spheres in 3rd stage.
The Memory Storage The Memory Storage
Collect 3 Spheres in 4th stage.
A Replica A Replica
Collect 3 Spheres in 5th stage.
Stray Memories Stray Memories
Collect 3 Spheres in 6th stage.