Lightfish Achievement List

Cabin boy Cabin boy
Complete a level in Normal mode
Question of time Question of time
Complete a level in Time Trial mode
All star All star
Obtain 3 stars in a level
Fresh fish Fresh fish
Kill an enemy
Empowered Empowered
Obtain a powerup
Slippery Slippery
Finish a level losing no lives
Shallow waters master Shallow waters master
Complete the first chapter: Shallow waters
Reef ahead master Reef ahead master
Complete the second chapter: Reef ahead
Underwater volcano master Underwater volcano master
Complete the third chapter: Underwater volcano
Arctic fire master Arctic fire master
Complete the fourth chapter: Arctic fire
Like this big Like this big
Complete all chapters in Normal mode
Just about time Just about time
Complete all chapters in Time Trial mode
Underwater legend Underwater legend
Complete Normal mode with all the stars in all the levels
Lord of the seas Lord of the seas
Complete Time Trial mode with all the stars in all the levels
Catch-and-release Catch-and-release
Complete a level with 5 enemies alive
Right on time Right on time
Complete a Time Trial level with only 1 second left
Unfrozen Unfrozen
Kill an enemy while he’s inside an ice block
Shellfish lover Shellfish lover
Finish a level with 2 crabs still alive