Life is Hard Achievement List

Loot & Burn! Loot & Burn!
Choose the god of war.
Sunrising Sunrising
Choose the god of sun.
The power of nature! The power of nature!
Choose the god of nature.
The darkness comes... The darkness comes…
Choose the dark side.
Mokosh Mokosh
Choose the god of fertility.
Communist Communist
Choose the god of architecture.
Let's get acquainted! Let’s get acquainted!
You met Nords ambassador at first time.
Very good Very good
You paid a tribute.
Independent Independent
You refused to pay a tribute.
Roof over your head Roof over your head
You’ve built your first building.
Builder Builder
You’ve built 10 buildings.
Architect Architect
You’ve built 100 buildings.
Town-planner Town-planner
You’ve built 1000 buildings.
Local population Local population
You’ve killed an aborigine for the first time.
The first catch The first catch
You’ve killed a swamp monster for the first time.
Hot sands Hot sands
You’ve killed a nomad for the first time.
Local tribe Local tribe
You’ve killed 10 aborigines.
Rising tide Rising tide
You’ve killed 10 swamp monsters.
Take your sabre! Take your sabre!
You’ve killed 10 nomads.
Where's Cook? Where’s Cook?
You’ve killed 100 aborigines.
Big game fishing Big game fishing
You’ve killed 100 swamp monsters.
Combat master Combat master
You’ve killed 100 nomads.
Total cleanup Total cleanup
You’ve killed 1000 swamp monsters.
Crusade Crusade
You’ve killed 1000 nomads.
Young magician Young magician
You’ve used a magic for the first time.
You shall not pass! You shall not pass!
You’ve used magic for 1000 times.
Happy New Year! Happy New Year!
You’ve survived for 36 days.
Long-liver Long-liver
You’ve survived for 360 days.
Firewood for winter Firewood for winter
Gain 50 wood
Building materials Building materials
Gain 100 wood
Valhalla Valhalla
Kill one nord warrior
A hard nord to crack A hard nord to crack
Kill 10 nord warriors in one game
Some pork for lunch Some pork for lunch
Kill 50 boars
Killing nord I'm bored Killing nord I’m bored
Kill 100 nord warriors
Everlasting fight Everlasting fight
Kill 1000 nord warriors
Wagon wheels, wagon wheels... Wagon wheels, wagon wheels…
Your wagon returned back
Life is not all beer and skittles Life is not all beer and skittles
Brew some beer in tavern
Where's my money, b...? Where’s my money, b…?
Loot the caravan of nomads
Meteorite-killer from open space Meteorite-killer from open space
A meteorite has fallen on one of your people’s head
Popcorn! Popcorn!
Plant corn on the farm