Life in Bunker Achievement List

Cycle 1 Cycle 1
Survive 1 cycle in the bunker
Cycles 10 Cycles 10
Last for 10 cycles in the bunker
Cycles 20 Cycles 20
Stay in the bunker for 20 cycles
Cycles 30 Cycles 30
Survive 30 cycles in the bunker
Cycles 40 Cycles 40
Stay alive in the bunker for 40 cycles
Cycles 50 Cycles 50
Last for 50 cycles in the bunker
All researches All researches
All researches
New resident New resident
New resident
Cycles 5 Cycles 5
Survive 5 cycles in the bunker
Moleman Moleman
Kill a moleman
Nuclear Age Nuclear Age
Build a reactor on each level
500 500
500 Cycles in sandbox mode
No waste No waste
Recycle 2000 garbage
Day by Day Day by Day
Complete scenario 1
People of the Future People of the Future
Complete scenario 2
Rebuild our homes Rebuild our homes
Complete scenario 3
Save the planet Save the planet
Complete all scenarios
Exterminator Exterminator
Kill 50 molemen in one game
My Little  Army My Little Army
Build 20 Guard bots in one game
Growing Fast Growing Fast
30 residents for 20 cycles