Leviathan: The Cargo Achievement List

What is God? What is God?
A train running through the underground, conversations about children and God, sudden sreech of brakes. Chapter one completed. The story begins!
Roadblock Roadblock
What is there, inside the chest? Who are those people after your cargo? Chapter two completed.
The silent machines The silent machines
It’s so damp and calm here, only the humming of machines disturbs the silence. Nobody is here. Just the machines and a dead body. Chapter three completed.
The passenger The passenger
An ordinary elevator trip is hardly exciting. But not today. And not with this particular companion. Chapter four completed.
Patrol and the people Patrol and the people
To hell with those smugglers! You can get your reward right now. I mean, you could… Chapter three of “People’s patrol” route is completed.
People are bastards People are bastards
So, this is the end. That wasn’t exactly what you had expected. Chapter four of “People’s patrol” route is completed.
Forty-niner Forty-niner
Somebody has lived here, in this room with machines. And he left a bunch of gold stashes around. It seems you’ve found them all.
Social Issues Social Issues
A chance meeting in the elevator becomes a first step into the alien world of the aristocracy. The fifth chapter on the “Red Dress” route complete.
Responsible Citizen Responsible Citizen
Down there, in the deep, there is a corpse of a woman in Inquirer’s uniform. It was your duty to report it.