Let’s Sing 2016 Achievement List

Hello! Hello!
Finish a song
Variety, the spice of life Variety, the spice of life
Sing all the songs
The perfect pair The perfect pair
Start Duet mode
Memory lapse? Memory lapse?
Start By Heart mode
Good luck! Good luck!
Start Expert mode
20,000?! 20,000?!
Start 20,000! mode
There can only be one winner There can only be one winner
Start Elimination mode
In The Bank In The Bank
Accumulate 50 VoxPoints
Wealthy Wealthy
Accumulate 100 VoxPoints
Millionaire! Millionaire!
Accumulate 500 VoxPoints
Mid Table Mid Table
Get a score between 50,000 and 51,000 points
Artist Artist
Get a score over 80,000 points
Star Star
Get a score over 100,000 points
Idol Idol
Get a score over 120,000 points
Perfectionist Perfectionist
Get 500 ‘PERFECT’
Survive at all costs Survive at all costs
Finish a song in Elimination mode
Quick start Quick start
Finish a song in 20,000! mode in under 60 seconds
We stick together! We stick together!
Finish with a similar score to your partner in Duet mode
Pro Pro
Get 10 ‘PERFECT’ in a row in Expert mode
Blindfold Blindfold
Get ‘PERFECT’ for the parts of a song with no lyrics in By Heart mode
Private concert Private concert
Finish 15 songs in a session
Insert a token Insert a token
Listen to 10 songs in a row in Jukebox mode
Gold record Gold record
Finish 40 songs
Platinum record Platinum record
Finish 90 songs
Diamond record Diamond record
Finish 150 songs
The good old days The good old days
Sing 3 songs in a row from before 2008
Young Young
Sing 5 songs in a row released after 2013
That's a wrap! That’s a wrap!
View all the credits
Early days Early days
Unlock all the game modes for a song
Born for the stage Born for the stage
Unlock all the game modes for all songs
Life is a carousel Life is a carousel
Browse through the song covers 3 times in less than 20 seconds
Better to have too little than too much Better to have too little than too much
Get a score inferior to one point
In tandem! In tandem!
Start Pass the mic mode
Shhh... Shhh…
Finish 5 songs without the vocals
All Together now All Together now
Pass the mic 30 times in Pass the mic mode
Real purist Real purist
Finish a song in Expert mode without the vocals
All that glitters is gold All that glitters is gold
Hit all the golden notes in a song