Lethal RPG: War Achievement List

Lethal Beginnings Lethal Beginnings
Drove the undead out of the Noble Woods.
Justice Justice
Defeated the traitor.
The Mage The Mage
Recruited the Mage.
Forbidden Forbidden
Stole the Forbidden Tome.
Big Black Dragon Big Black Dragon
Defeated the Black Dragon.
The Summoner The Summoner
Recruited the Summoner.
The Berserker The Berserker
Recruited the Berserker.
The Necromancer The Necromancer
Recruited the Necromancer.
The Assassin The Assassin
Recruited the Assassin.
Undead Menace Undead Menace
Defeated the Skull Lord.
Hidden Achievement
Rescue Mission Rescue Mission
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Hidden Achievement
Risky Proposition Risky Proposition
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Hidden Achievement
Prophecy Prophecy
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Savior Savior
Completed Lethal RPG: War
Extra Nasty Extra Nasty
Killed the ferocious rats.
A Mysterious Request A Mysterious Request
Resolved the trouble in the Hollow Desert.
Haunting Haunting
Helped the spirit rest in peace.
Plagued Plagued
Saved the people of Dark Wood from the Lupus outbreak.
Bad Medicine Bad Medicine
That didn’t go as planned…
Hulking Corpse Hulking Corpse
Defeat the Hulking Undead Beast.
Purity Purity
Uncovered the mystery of Purity Ruin.
Great Old One Great Old One
Defeated a powerful foe.
Demigod Down Demigod Down
Defeated a demigod.
Bronze Medal Bronze Medal
Win a bronze medal in the arena.
Silver Medal Silver Medal
Win a silver medal in the arena.
Gold Medal Gold Medal
Win a gold medal in the arena.
Platinum Medal Platinum Medal
Win a platinum medal in the arena.
Recruit Recruit
Reached level 5
Warrior Warrior
Reached Level 10
Guardian Guardian
Reached Level 20
Hero Hero
Reached Level 30
Legend Legend
Reached Level 50
Smith Smith
Upgraded a piece of equipment to +10
Mythic Armory Mythic Armory
Forged all weapons and armor.
Well Fed Well Fed
Trained a pet to +10
Ogre King Ogre King
Slayed the Ogre King.
Ice Golem Ice Golem
Slayed the Ice Golem.
Crystal Golem Crystal Golem
Slayed the Crystal Golem.
Stone Golem Stone Golem
Slayed the Stone Golem.
Gargoyle Gargoyle
Slayed the Gargoyle.
Great Worm Great Worm
Slayed the Great Worm.
Great Wolf Great Wolf
Slayed the Great Wolf.
Inferno Golem Inferno Golem
Slayed the Inferno Golem.
Minotaur Minotaur
Slayed the Minotaur.
Red Dragon Red Dragon
Slayed the Red Dragon.
Green Dragon Green Dragon
Slayed the Green Dragon.
Abomination Abomination
Slayed the Abomination.
Great Oak Great Oak
Defeated the Great Oak.
Chaos Swordsman Chaos Swordsman
Defeated the Chaos Swordsman.
Redskull Redskull
Defeated Redskull.