Legions of Steel Achievement List

Private Private
Finish the first tutorial map.
Corporal Corporal
Finish the scenario “Outnumbered”.
Master Corporal Master Corporal
Complete the Tutorial “At the Edge of Darkness”.
Warrant Officer Warrant Officer
Complete the campaign “Earth Dogs Die Hard”.
Sergeant Sergeant
Complete all the objectives in the tutorial.
Master Warrant Officer Master Warrant Officer
Win a Skirmish match against the Machines.
G1B Nightmare G1B Nightmare
Win a Skirmish match agianst the Commandos.
Chief Warrant Officer Chief Warrant Officer
Win 5 Skirmish matches against the Machines.
G1C Nightmare G1C Nightmare
Win 5 Skirmish matches against the Commandos.
Major General Major General
Finish an online multiplayer match.
General General
Win an online multiplayer match against the Machines.
Mark 1A1 Assault Fiend Mark 1A1 Assault Fiend
Win an online multiplayer match against the Commandos.
Commander in Chief Commander in Chief
Win 5 online multiplayer matches.
Lieutenant Lieutenant
Kill the Assault Fiend for the first time.
G6 Sniperbot G6 Sniperbot
Kill the Corporal for the first time.
C1 Succubot C1 Succubot
Kill the Sergeant for the first time.
G3 Predator G3 Predator
Escape a covering fire thanks to a Nachtmacher.
Captain Captain
Use dodge mode.
Mark III Assault Fiend	Mark III Assault Fiend
Kill 25 enemies with the Trident.
Colonel Colonel
Kill 3 enemies with one pulse grenade.
Major Major
Kill 2 enemies in a row with Suppression Fire.