Legends of Solitaire: Curse of the Dragons Achievement List

Wonderful Combo Wonderful Combo
Get a Combo of 5 Cards
Excellent Combo Excellent Combo
Get a Combo of 10 Cards
Fantastic Combo Fantastic Combo
Get a Combo of 15 Cards
Magical Combo Magical Combo
Get a Combo of 20 Cards
Perfectly Acceptable Perfectly Acceptable
Achieve 10 Perfects
Perfectly Notable Perfectly Notable
Achieve 25 Perfects
Perfectly Admirable Perfectly Admirable
Achieve 55 Perfects
Perfectly Exceptional Perfectly Exceptional
Achieve 100 Perfects
Loose Change Loose Change
Earn 1000 Gold
Petty Cash Petty Cash
Earn 2500 Gold
Treasurer Treasurer
Earn 5000 Gold
Hoarder Hoarder
Earn 10000 Gold
Cut to Ribbons Cut to Ribbons
Use your Sword 30 times
Hacked to Pieces Hacked to Pieces
Use your Axe 30 times
Bashed About Bashed About
Use your Mace 30 times
Early On Early On
Complete 5 Stages
Progress Progress
Complete 10 Stages
Getting There Getting There
Complete 20 Stages
So Close Now So Close Now
Complete 30 Stages
The End The End
Complete the Game