Legends of Callasia Achievement List

Leap of Faith Leap of Faith
Unlock Early Access
Try it all! Try it all!
Completing the Demo
Vanquisher Vanquisher
Win 100 skirmishes as Hundred Kingdoms
The Kingdom prevails! The Kingdom prevails!
Complete Hundred Kingdoms campaign
Nemesis Nemesis
Win 100 skirmishes as Faeborne
Reclaim the lands! Reclaim the lands!
Complete Faeborne campaign
Arch Enemy Arch Enemy
Win 100 skirmishes as Revenant
Revenge is served! Revenge is served!
Complete Revenant campaign
Total dominance Total dominance
Win a skirmish game by annihilating ALL enemies
Live to fight another day Live to fight another day
Run away 10 times
Bring it on! Bring it on!
Played Multiplayer (MP)
Power Hungry Power Hungry
Complete 100 skirmishes
Conqueror Conqueror
Win 100 skirmishes
Over 9000! Over 9000!
Over 9000 Gold collected
By any means By any means
Win by VP in a skirmish game
Together we rule Together we rule
Form alliance with an NPC in a skirmish game
Not of best interest Not of best interest
Break an alliance with an NPC in a skirmish game
Personal Glory Personal Glory
Win 10 MP games
Overlord Overlord
Win 100 MP games
Aggressor Aggressor
Win 50 skirmishes as Hundred Kingdoms
Conquistador Conquistador
Win 50 skirmishes as Faeborne
Warmaster Warmaster
Win 50 skirmishes as Revenant
Big Game Hunter Big Game Hunter
Click on and destroy 5000 critters
Noob No More! Noob No More!
Complete the Tutorial
Ruling the Great Dark! Ruling the Great Dark!
Complete Stoneborne campaign
Goldsmith Goldsmith
Win 100 skirmishes as Stoneborne
Coppersmith Coppersmith
Win 50 skirmishes as Stoneborne