Legends of Atlantis: Exodus Achievement List

Forest Clearing Forest Clearing
12 trees are chopped down on a single level
Construction Time Construction Time
3 buildings are being built or upgraded simultaneously
Pioneer Pioneer
3 obstacles are being cleared simultaneously
Manpower Manpower
Workers’ Lodge is upgraded to level 3 in the first minute
Maximum Production Maximum Production
All 4 production buildings (Sawmill, Crystal Mine, Well and Quarry) upgraded to level 3 on a single level
Totally Lazy Totally Lazy
One of the workers not doing anything for a minute
Trader Trader
10 successful merchant deals on a single level
Storage Full Storage Full
99 pieces are reached from any resource type
Woodshed Woodshed
50 pieces of Wood remained at the end of the level
Jeweller Jeweller
50 pieces of Crystals remained at the end of the level
Aquarius Aquarius
50 buckets of Water remained at the end of the level
Stone Age Stone Age
50 pieces of Stone remained at the end of the level
Crime Does Not Pay Crime Does Not Pay
3 Robbers are defeated within a minute
Hunting Season Hunting Season
3 Monsters are defeated within a minute
Automatization Automatization
3 Clockwork Men are active at the same time
Gambler Gambler
Fortune Machine is used 5 times on a single level
Lucky Lucky
3 of a kind on the Fortune Machine without a wildcard
Eagle-eye Eagle-eye
Any hidden object level completed in 45 seconds