Legend of Miro Achievement List

Learn to Fish Learn to Fish
A skill that will come in handy in the future.
Enter the Village Enter the Village
A gate to a new world.
Rebuilding the Church Rebuilding the Church
A new hope for the believers.
A Missing Boy A Missing Boy
A terrible death in the village community.
A dark Cave A dark Cave
A dark and dangerous cave.
A Mysterious Map A Mysterious Map
What could this map be?
A Real Farmer A Real Farmer
Handled the farm work like a true Farmer.
A Fallen Leader A Fallen Leader
Any fighter can fall, no matter how skilled he is.
A Secret Passage A Secret Passage
Finding your way through the castle.
The Alchemist The Alchemist
Adding ingredients, mixing and the poison is done.
An Epic Fight An Epic Fight
A true assassin. Unfortunately for him, he was no match for me.
The Final Confrontation The Final Confrontation
Learn to live with the path you’ve chosen.