Legacy of Dorn: Herald of Oblivion Achievement List

Adamantium Adamantium
Find the Lightning Claw
Anything Formed Anything Formed
Find the Plasma Gun
Apothecary Ordyss Apothecary Ordyss
Find Brother Ordyss
Brother Barathon Brother Barathon
Find Brother Barathon
Brother Kael Brother Kael
Find Brother Kael
Brothers In Arms Brothers In Arms
Find all of Squad Scipio
Come Get Some Come Get Some
Find the Chainsword
Epistolary Radamus Epistolary Radamus
Find Librarian Radamus
Fist of Dorn Fist of Dorn
Find the Thunder Hammer
Get to tha' Stompa! Get to tha’ Stompa!
Get inside an Ork Stompa
Gordon's Alive Gordon’s Alive
Find the Blessed Blade
Herald of Death Herald of Death
Destroy the Herald of Oblivion
Herald of Life Herald of Life
Destroy the Herald of Oblivion and live
Herald of Shame Herald of Shame
Escape the Herald of Oblivion
Hidden Archeotech Hidden Archeotech
Find a Signum
Sabotage Reactors Sabotage Reactors
Sabotage the plasma reactors
Sabotage Warps Sabotage Warps
Sabotage the ancient warp-field generators
Saxon Harold Saxon Harold
Find the Master-crafted Storm Bolter
Sergeant Valerius Sergeant Valerius
Find Sergeant Valerius
Sword of Ancients Sword of Ancients
Find the Relic Blade
Sword of Omens Sword of Omens
Find the Power Sword
Toasty Falsetto Toasty Falsetto
Find the Heavy Flamer
Unlikely Ally Unlikely Ally
My enemy is my friend!
Zathael's Fury Zathael’s Fury
Trick a dreadnought to its doom