Left-Hand Path Achievement List

Killed The Lillim Killed The Lillim
Defeated the lurker in Nehemoth
Defeated Sathariel's Guardian Defeated Sathariel’s Guardian
Overcame Sathariel’s greatest challenge
A Dangerous Mind A Dangerous Mind
The Stone Heads refused you more power
Seeker Of Lore - Nehemoth Seeker Of Lore – Nehemoth
You retrieved hidden lore in Nehemoth
Seeker Of Lore - Sathariel Seeker Of Lore – Sathariel
You retrieved hidden lore in Sathariel
Walking The Left-Hand Path Walking The Left-Hand Path
You successfully channeled the power of magic into a spell.
Adept Ritualist Adept Ritualist
You learned all rituals in the first Early Access release
Adept Arcanist Adept Arcanist
You have learned all spells in the first Early Access release
Prepared To Die Prepared To Die
The Well’s inhabitants defeated you 5 times.
Quisling, Part 1 Quisling, Part 1
You learned some of the reason why Elena is here.
This Is The End This Is The End
You reached The End of the first Early Access release.
Scourge Of The Soulless Scourge Of The Soulless
You have defeated 100 of the Soulless in combat.
Julia's Saviour Julia’s Saviour
You freed Julia from her trap.
Basically Fantasy Batman Basically Fantasy Batman
You traveled from the first head to the end of Sathariel having taken no damage. Please feel free to message the dev and tell him how you did it!