Leave Me Alone: A Trip To Hell Achievement List

Who ordered pizza? Who ordered pizza?
Kill a reptile in the sewers
Eat me! Drink me! Eat me! Drink me!
Kill the hungry mad pet
Sharp edges Sharp edges
Kill the lumberjack chief
Heart failure Heart failure
Destroy all hearts of the Great Devourer
Hocus pocus Hocus pocus
Kill the illusionist
Not funny Not funny
Kill the Flaming Insane
Death from above Death from above
Kill the temle guardian
Destroy the mothership
What a stupid pigeon What a stupid pigeon
Kill the Alpha
Helicopter Helicopter
Kill the last boss
Hidden Achievement
I am not dead I am not dead
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
The Human Centipede The Human Centipede
Kill the acrobats
Maximum Vitality Maximum Vitality
Get the maximum vitality
Maximum Power Maximum Power
Get the maximum power
Maximum Critical Maximum Critical
Get the maximum critical
Coins collector level 1 Coins collector level 1
Collect 50 smiles!
Coins collector level 2 Coins collector level 2
Collect 250 smiles!
Coins collector level 3 Coins collector level 3
Collect 500 smiles!
Coins collector level 4 Coins collector level 4
Collect 1000 smiles!
Skates collector level 1 Skates collector level 1
Collect 15 skates!
Skates collector level 2 Skates collector level 2
Collect 35 skates!
Skates collector level 3 Skates collector level 3
Collect all skates!
Anime hater Anime hater
Just for kids
Fear and loathing Fear and loathing
Buy the ticket, take the ride
Sleeping nightmare Sleeping nightmare
What do parents think?
Dinosaur killer Dinosaur killer
When you can not, but really want
Abunyasha Abunyasha
Sweet revenge for passcode