Le Havre: The Inland Port Achievement List

Noob Noob
Played Online for the first time
ELOquent ELOquent
You won against a higher ranked player.
Seaman Seaman
Won 1 ranked game.
Captain Captain
You won 10 ranked games.
Admiral Admiral
You won 100 ranked games!
Grand Admiral Grand Admiral
You won 1000 ranked games! Incredible!
Timing is all Timing is all
Used a 4+ building.
Harbourmaster Harbourmaster
Build a Dock and all Anchor Buildings.
Fish Tycoon Fish Tycoon
Build Smokery, Fish market and Cannery.
Lumberjack Lumberjack
Own Wood Company, Wood Treatment, Sawing Mill and Wood Factory.
Calculated Move Calculated Move
Buy Pont de Normandie in the turn it appears.
Claymaster Claymaster
Build all Clay Buildings.
Community Manager Community Manager
Played 50 ranked games.
The Big Calm The Big Calm
You lost 5 games.
Owned Owned
Bought every building.
Fish Collector Fish Collector
You collected 1000 fishes.
Wheat Collector Wheat Collector
You collected 1000 wheat.
Wood Collector Wood Collector
You collected 1000 wood.
Clay Collector Clay Collector
You collected 1000 clay.
Been There Been There
All buildings bought and used 25 times.
Done That Done That
All buildings bought and used 250 times.
Grandmaster Grandmaster
Acquired an ELO Rating of 2000.