Last Days of Old Earth Achievement List

The Initiate The Initiate
Play a multiplayer game
The Winter Wolf The Winter Wolf
Win 10 multiplayer games
The Tempest's Heart The Tempest’s Heart
Win 40 multiplayer games
The Master of Storms The Master of Storms
Win 100 multiplayer games
Shadowfang Shadowfang
Assassinate 10 enemy Heroes
Reaper of Destiny Reaper of Destiny
Assassinate 50 enemy Heroes
Supply and Demand Supply and Demand
Sabotage 10 Structures
Devastate Devastate
Sabotage 20 Facilities
Not this day Not this day
Perform 10 successful Hero Escapes
Destiny's Alignment Destiny’s Alignment
Perform 50 successful Hero Escapes
Scavenger Scavenger
Build 100 Collectors
Strategist Strategist
Build 100 Outposts
Talons of a Hawk Talons of a Hawk
Complete Chapter 7 of the Campaign
Valley of the Sun Valley of the Sun
Complete Chapter 9 of the Campaign
Terror and Torment Terror and Torment
Complete Chapter 5 of the Campaign
Combat Survivor Combat Survivor
Win Combat without Auto-Resolving x1
Combat Veteran Combat Veteran
Win Combat without Auto-Resolving x20
Combat Expert Combat Expert
Win Combat without Auto-Resolving x50
Taken the Blood Pledge Taken the Blood Pledge
Destroy 10x Units in Combat
Regular at the Absolution Font Regular at the Absolution Font
Destroy 50x Units in Combat
A Saviour in Need of Salvation A Saviour in Need of Salvation
Destroy 1000x Units in Combat
Headed North Headed North
Build and Save a valid Skywatchers Deck
The Guardians The Guardians
Build and Save a valid Automata Deck