Land It! Achievement List

360 360
Fly a full circle with a plane
Trespasser Trespasser
Spend 15 seconds in the NO-FLY zone in one game.
No need to Hurry No need to Hurry
Spend over 3 minutes on one level
Multitasker Multitasker
Have 5 planes under your control at the same time.
Megatasker Megatasker
Have 10 planes under your control at the same time.
3 of a kind 3 of a kind
Have 3 different types of planes under your control at the same time.
Clear skies Clear skies
Land 5 planes within 15 seconds.
All Stars All Stars
Achieve 3 stars on all levels.
Close call! Close call!
Fly close to two NPC planes at the same time.
Local license Local license
Land 10 planes in one game.
Regional license Regional license
Land 20 planes in one game.
International license International license
Land 30 planes in one game.
ATC Silver medal ATC Silver medal
Land 200 planes overall.
ATC Gold medal ATC Gold medal
Land 500 planes overall.
ATC Platinum medal ATC Platinum medal
Land 1000 planes overall.
You are Pro You are Pro
Achieve 25000 points in one game.
Master of the art Master of the art
Achieve 75000 points in one game.
Prodigy Prodigy
Achieve 225000 points in one game.
Check-in Check-in
Hit 25 checkpoints overall.
Evil deed Evil deed
Crash 2 planes into one-another.
Emergency landing Emergency landing
Land a plane within 15 seconds.
El Macho El Macho
Fly into a volcano.
Precision landing Precision landing
Land a plane with a single order.
Travel agent Travel agent
Transport 2000 passengers.
Rush hour Rush hour
Call in all planes in a level within the first 5 seconds of their timer button.