Ladra Achievement List

Raiden Thief Raiden Thief
Quick like lightning. Finish the game in under 1 hour.
Shadow Hugger Shadow Hugger
Complete one chapter undetected
Ghost Hugger Ghost Hugger
Complete all chapters undetected
Finders Keepers Finders Keepers
Get all treasure in one chapter
Losers Weepers Losers Weepers
Get all treasure in all chapters
Three is a charm Three is a charm
Steal from three chief guards
Knowledge on Lamora Locks Knowledge on Lamora Locks
Unlock your first chest
Expert on Lamora Locks Expert on Lamora Locks
Unlock all chests in the game
Free Time Free Time
Have one converstation in the Valoruke
Talkative Type Talkative Type
Have all the available conversations with one character in the Valoruke
“Social Link” Master
Have all the available conversations with all characters in the Valoruke
Not Now...! Not Now…!
Find one book hidden throughout the game
Book Thief Book Thief
Find all books hidden throughout the game
Guards are People Guards are People
Find all the peculiar guards
Magnificent Seven Magnificent Seven
Steal from seven chief guards