Krinkle Krusher Achievement List

The greatest mage of all time The greatest mage of all time
Complete every stage with 3 stars and get all magical gems.
You shall not, pass! You shall not, pass!
Complete every stage with “Flawless Victory”
The day after tomorrow The day after tomorrow
Imprison the King Krinkle forever!
Spellcraft Spellcraft
Upgrade the 5 elemental rings to level 5.
50 shades of bones 50 shades of bones
Defeat the Kranium Krinkle.
Heavy Metal Heavy Metal
Defeat the Mecha Krinkle.
Hidden Achievement
I'm the one who Knocks... Back! I’m the one who Knocks… Back!
Knock back the King with spikes and tornados.
Hidden Achievement
That’s A Spicy Meatball! That’s A Spicy Meatball!
Feed Kranium with some spicy krinkles!
Hidden Achievement
Bombs Away! Bombs Away!
Knock back the Mecha Krinkle with his own bomb.
Use an elemental krinkle explosion to kill 4 other krinkles
Let´s make some magic! Let´s make some magic!
Unlock the workshop
Call 2 Duty Call 2 Duty
Show who’s the best by defending the castle!