Korwin The Game Achievement List

Red is Bad Red is Bad
Complete Red City on Defender Mode
To three times art To three times art
Complete Green Island on Defender Mode
Where is the cross?! Where is the cross?!
Complete Dead City on Defender Mode
Burn the Rainbow! Burn the Rainbow!
Complete Rainbow Land on Defender Mode
Bad ass Bad ass
Finish Platformer Mode without using Continue
Die, commie, die! Die, commie, die!
Kill Red City Boss
You are Neo-Fashist! You are Neo-Fashist!
Kill Rainbow Land Boss
Qwack Qwack! Qwack Qwack!
Kill Dead City Boss
Something is no yes! Something is no yes!
Kill Green Island Boss
4.76%! 4.76%!
Finish Platformer Mode
One shot one kill One shot one kill
Finish one level with 100% Head Shot Rate
Red City Runner Red City Runner
Complete Red City on Runner Mode
Rainbow Land Runner Rainbow Land Runner
Complete Rainbow Land on Runner Mode
Dead City Runner Dead City Runner
Complete Dead City on Runner Mode
Green Island Runner Green Island Runner
Complete Green Island on Runner Mode
Run Korwin, Run Run Korwin, Run
Complete all Runner Mode levels
Defender Master Defender Master
Complete all Defender Mode levels
Kill 'Em All Kill ‘Em All
Kill 465 enemies in Platformer Mode
Head Shot! Head Shot!
Kill every enemy type with Head Shot in Platformer Mode
First Upgrade First Upgrade
Buy one Upgrade in Platformer Mode
Shopaholic Shopaholic
Buy all upgrades in Platformer Mode
Quad Damage Quad Damage
Buy 4 Damage upgrade in one game in Platformer Mode
Rich boy Rich boy
Spend at least 500 coins in Defender Mode on one Upgrade
This is how works slow market This is how works slow market
Kill Green Island Boss without loosing health
Duck Season Duck Season
Kill Dead City Boss without loosing health
Rainbow is on Fire! Rainbow is on Fire!
Kill Rainbow Land Boss without loosing health
WRONA will not beat The Eagle WRONA will not beat The Eagle
Kill Red City Boss without loosing health
10k 10k
Kill 10 000 enemies in Defender Mode
Dirty money Dirty money
Collect all coins in Red City
UE Funds UE Funds
Collect all coins in Rainbow Land
500+ 500+
Collect all coins in Dead City
Revange for 23% Revange for 23%
Collect all coins in Green Island