Knight Squad Achievement List

Crystal Prospector Crystal Prospector
Destroy 20 crystals in the Crystal Rush game mode
Crystalor, not Chris Taylor Crystalor, not Chris Taylor
Complete the Crystalor Challenge
Darkness Awaits Darkness Awaits
Defeat a single dark knight in the Dark Knights Army challenge
Exterminator Exterminator
Kill 7 persons in a row to obtain an Extermination
Grim Reaper Grim Reaper
Accumulate a total of 1000 kills
Hula Hooprang Hula Hooprang
Swing a single boomerang around for 5 seconds
Laser Trio Laser Trio
Kill 3 knights in a single laser shot
Master Excavator Master Excavator
Destroy a total of 5000 walls
Nest Exterminator Nest Exterminator
Complete the Lightning Rampage challenge
Playing with Fire Playing with Fire
Complete the Dragon Alert challenge
Hidden Achievement
Ride the Rainbow Ride the Rainbow
Hidden achievement descriptions are missing by default. Why is it missing?
Running at Crazy Speeds Running at Crazy Speeds
Stack the boots power up to max level (3)
Trolling the trolls Trolling the trolls
Complete the Attack of the trolls challenge
True Master True Master
Possess 8 minions at once
Vanquisher of worms Vanquisher of worms
Complete the Worms Attack challenge