Kings of Israel Achievement List

First Win First Win
Win a game.
10 correct answers 10 correct answers
Get 10 correct answers in Study mode.
100 correct answers 100 correct answers
Get 100 correct answers in Study mode.
All prophets All prophets
Get a win with each of the prophets.
Better Leave Town Better Leave Town
Have a location get destroyed with a prophet in it.
Swiss Cheese Swiss Cheese
Have three locations get destroyed in a game.
Elijah's Apprentice Elijah’s Apprentice
Destroy the false prophet using a sacrifice.
Gold Shortage Gold Shortage
Four or more idols are built in a single round.
Bad Day Bad Day
Ten or more sin clouds added in a single round.
Now What? Now What?
Have a prophet be in Mount Nebo or Dan when a Brimstone and Fire goes off in its adjacent location.
No Worries No Worries
Win a game after being one away from losing by sin clouds or idols.
Weatherman Weatherman
Remove 12 or more sin clouds in one round.
Skin of your Teeth Skin of your Teeth
Win the game on Hoshea’s round.
Jehoash Jehoash
Reach Rank 2.
Joram Joram
Reach Rank 3.
Ish-Bosheth Ish-Bosheth
Reach Rank 4.
Jehu Jehu
Reach Rank 6.
Saul Saul
Reach Rank 5.
Solomon Solomon
Reach Rank 7.
David David
Reach Rank 8.